Friday, July 21, 2006

"Chaos and the Water-Whisperer."

This one is unedited, inspired by a character I met under odd circumstances after a long day at work. I went home and scrawled these shortly before falling into a hard sleep. May they make sense, or have at least one image transpire...

“Chaos and the Water-Whisperer”
(written 7/12/06)

I met a man today
Who speaks
To his water.
Whispering to the clarity
Allows it to
Absorb intention (illumination)
And attention (like the direction
Of the illuminant).
He became a minister
For legal reasons.
He laughs in all

Looking in his eyes
Revealed less
Than what I thought
To find behind
The poncho-covered
Breast and longish hair.
The eyes were not old
Enough, though he
Told (through) me
Much of “Suffering
As the Character of Life.”
(in the blue pools danced
His drugged, injured brother,
Comatose, and visions
Of the flipping, fiery car.
What shock?
And what Redirection of The Universe’s

His peace was disarming,
Striking, unnatural,
Not at all
Like the snake:
Twirling viciously with
Struggle (mighty
And frantic)—
The snake cuts loose its own tail
To the dog’s mouth.
(Let The Injury scar the being,
But let it also
save the being.)
Life is

His was an understatement
Too gentle
To be natural,
Not at all like a heaving
Green-glass sea, or
Brazen orange moon.
(like my spleen chakra
Nor was he the overstatement
Of a storm cloud,
Rolling violet and gray,
Drenching, then
Piercing white,
Or a painted bird
Flitting and diving,
A bunny hunched and

My universe looks
Is it truly

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