Sunday, September 03, 2006

the pill that was supposed to set us free

(perhaps for you, dear reader, this is a bit personal or controversial or icky. get over it. my musings take me where they will...)

“This is not Feminist Empowerment” (the pill dilemma)

I remember now
Why I stopped taking
These rows upon rows
Of tiny blue pills

So I would not have
To lament
The loss of cells
the emptiness of womb
the trickery that is
medical control
over bodily functions

and for what purpose?
To what end?
Lust and bad decisions
Carnal desires
The envelopment of
Arms which I do not
Love unconditionally

And my sacrifice is a
Loss of nature
The inability
To feel in my belly
The germ of humanity
Hopeful, then wasted

Better to waste it
Release it
Than to not have it
At all

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