Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spring has Sprung in London!

I TOOK A FEW PICTURES TODAY in Regent's Park, so happy was I to see flowers and green green grass! The following poem is part of a project to bring poetry to the public via the advertising space inside London's tube carriages that touches my heart! Read more about Poems on the Underground and browse the archives!! This one really encapsulates the profundity of watching plants grow in the city...

The Very Leaves of the Acacia-Tree are London

The very leaves of the acacia-tree are London;
London tap-water fills out the fuchsia buds in the back garden,
Blackbirds pull London worms out of the sour soil,
The woodlice, centipedes, eat London, the wasps even.
London air through stomata of myriad leaves
And million lungs of London breathes.
Chlorophyll and haemoglobin do what life can
To purify, to return this great explosion
To sanity of leaf and wing.
Gradual and gentle the growth of London pride,
And sparrows are free of all the time in the world:
Less than a window-pane between.

Kathleen Raine (b. 1908)

From Collected Poems 1935-1980, © Kathleen Raine.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Whitney,

It's Mikkel. Two Momma and I are sitting at her computer reading your blog. Your pictures are beautiful! We've been learning how to add attachments to emails and how to forward things so expect more email from Two Momma. Also she is learning how to play online Bridge. Be sure to write!

Mikkel & Two Momma