Monday, May 28, 2007

Some things that are inspiring (to me) and free (for everyone)!

1. Poems on the Underground...if you can't take a ride on the Tube, and spot one of these treasures, you can always surf their sight, which includes streamed audio of poems read aloud...or buy a book or CD...whatever you fancy!

2. In Our Time Podcast at provides informative discussions by academia's leaders for 45 minutes once a week, on every topic imaginable!

3. Other fabulous blogs, including that which provides readers with (The) Dr. Gardner Campbell's Wisdom(!)

4. Picasa Photo Editing Program from Google. You too can edit your photos to make it look like you have a professional camera...

5. The Hype Machine...a site which archives music blog entries, allowing you to search by artist for blog postings and downloadable mp3s...or just browse what's most popular...

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