Sunday, May 21, 2006

Just a Reminder for the Blessed 3 Billion: Love your Vagina (in verse, when especially inspired).

The only woman who is able to be
Is she who knows that the dawn of her life begins now

She who marks out her own domain
Not with tears but with arrows

Who resorts to no prayers
Who states opinions and lifts her head and moves her body
And is tender without shame and tough without hatred

She who has unlearned the alphabet of obedience
And walks erect
Who does not fear solitude because she has always been solitary
She who forgoes grotesque howls of violence
Uttering them rather with grace
She who frees herself in bounteous love
She who loves

The only woman who can be one
Is she who sadly and simply decides on her own
To emerge from her past history

- Bertalicia Peralta

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