Friday, August 25, 2006

bye bye, love, i'll catch you later/ got my left foot down on my accelerator/ and my rear-view mirror torn off/ cause i ain't never lookin' back...

I just vacuumed half of Carolina Beach out of my car, loaded it with shtufff (a.k.a. my wardrobe/bookshelf...the bare essentials, of course), washed it, gassed it, and collapsed into this chair. I am gross/sweaty. ...whatev.

So.....back to school? Hmm, here goes nothing: 18 credits*, new boy toy, new advisor, independent study, 239492340972 books (and almost as many papers), lots of ideas for poems that i haven't written, an aspiration to learn how to play the guitar, a half-finished philosophy book, a sneaking suspician that coffee is going to become a part of my routine again, concert tickets, my loving amigos, a few people i'd rather not see for the rest of my life, and a new obsession with crafting my own clothes...

phew! I love school. And as my new "clothing line" boldly proclaims: THE WORLD IS AS IT SHOULD BE. Relax, live the moment, be the experience. If I never make it to Fredericksburg tomorrow, I am living mindfully right now. And..............GO!

*subject to change, upon the return of my good sense.


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