Friday, August 11, 2006

An experience rather than an interpretation? (What one might call writer's block.)

my writing has taken the form of a lot of verbal correspondence as of late. this has been an interesting time for me, where i have attempted to write words can sometimes be a classification of things, making things objective and otherly from the self. It is better not to have this seperation of self and other. For, no self really exists as seperate from the world at large. Or, so the Buddha says.

I have been reflecting a lot on my dreams lately (which have been wild and fantastical, very vivid, complex, colorful, and long). I am trying to experience them entirely first...only describing them after some lapse of time. It is difficult.

So, I have not produced much poetry lately, to my chagrin. And i am trying not to resist this lull in creativity, as it is a natural part of flux and therefore of life. This is counterintuitive (or maybe not counterintuitive, but rather counter-whatever-i-think-of-as-my-intuition-that-is-actually-socialization). Difficult, nonetheless. Also, it saddens me to have somewhat abandoned my blog (a convenient excuse for which is that I have been working alot lately...and cultivating a new and unexpected friendship.).

Anyhow, patient reader. I have been taking a lot of pictures lately, as a new experiencing of my life, rather than an interpretation of it. (As per the written word). So, here are the fruits of my non-labor:

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