Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The (Moon Brought) Visions.

I have written a rough sequence of poems over the last couple of mornings (as yet, they are under construction still) that stem from very fantastical dreams I have had as of late. For the duration of the full moon and during its late waxing, and early waning, I took incredibly vivid, complicated, emotional journeys in my sleep--not all of them pleasant.

To give vent to these psychological wrestling matches, I decided to make notes on them each morning, and slowly convert the notes to verse. I entitle them "The Visions" and as yet, their final number is undetermined. But I will publish them here, prefaced with mini-plot-explanations, simply as a way to make them more docile, less haunting visions for me. And if you peruse them, dear reader, all the better...

pale moon over many nights
has brought me visions
with the twilight--
visions of its pink ghost
rising on clouds,
of the flat blue
and the svelte pines
framing my night mares
(the marring of my nights).

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